Floor Grinding Accessories

PLBAG50 Plastic Dust Bags50 Plastic Dust Bags
SLEEVE460460mm High Density Sleeve460mm High Density Sleeve
HC177Spike Shoes 25mmSpike Shoes
YOKE460Yoke Frame 460mmYoke Frame 460mm
SPIKE50011Spike Roller 500mm x 11mmSpike Roller 500mm x 11mm
TG600Thickness Gauge Rake (600mm)Thickness Gauge Rake (600mm)
TG1000Thickness Gauge Rake (1000mm)Thickness Gauge Rake (1000mm)
SPIKE25011Spike Roller 250mm x 11mmSpike Roller 250mm x 11mm
Kustom ArrowheadKustom ArrowheadKustom Arrowhead
120L Mortar MixerMortar MixerMortar Mixer
SAF17005H-Rated Silicone Face MaskThis kit contains: 1 x Half mask SR100 Silicone (Low Allergenic, Superior facial Seal) size M/L or S/M; 1 x Particle filter P3 (SR510); 5 x Pre-filters (221-1); 1 x Pre-filter holder; 1 x Cleaning Napkin; 1 x storage box
TS8RBReplacement Tornado Scarifier Barrel with superior quality flailsThis complete kit comes with first-rate superior quality flails, used for aggressive surface removal.
SPIKE50028Spike Roller 500mm x 28mmSpike Roller 500mm x 28mm
P75Plastic Handle Brushes 75mmBox of 10 – price is per item
W75Wooden Handle Brush 75mmBox of 10 – price is per item
SLEEVE270270mm High Density Sleeve270mm High Density Sleeve